Brahmarishi Saubhari was son of the Kanwa Maharishi , Kanwa Risi was son of Ghora Angira & Ghora Angira Muni was son of Angira Rishi in the Sapt Rishi ( Seven Sages )



From a very young he performed austerites in Braja on the bank of the Yamuna River, near his Ashram there was a lake formed by the Yamuna where he would sit beneath the water and maditate. According to the scriptures, by nature, everyone hasthe propensity in there heart to love someone. no can live without loving someone . Because Saubhari performed austerity underwater he grew so fond of fish that he considered them his own kinsman . occasionally Garuda ( carrier of lord Visnu) would go to that lake to catch and eat fish. One day Saubhari Risi told Garuda to stop taking fish from there , But he did not listen , so saubhari Risi cursed him saying , “O Garuda, if you come near this pond you will be dead.” Hence garuda stoppedgoing there. Thus Saubhari felt Peaceful and began meditating under the water. one day He thought ,”An honorable person does not do anything small , therefore I shall get connected to a princess of a powerfull king.” Thus he proceeded towords ruled by king Mandhata. Upon reaching the king and finding he had fifty daughters, Saubhari Risi asked the king for one of them. The scriptures recommend that if a real devotee sage reaches a householder and requests something , his request should be honored . aftet hearing Saubhari’s request, the king Mandhata said,” you please go inside the place where you will find my daughters and whichever of them likesyou, you may have.” Before entering the palace saubhari Risi used his mystic power and transformed himself into a handsome young man, As soon as the king’s daughters saw this beautiful young man, they all wanted to marry him, thus the king offered all fifty of his daughters to the sage who later married all of them.

Sage saubhari took them home to his habitation . He employed the chief of architects ,Viswakarma to construct seprate palaces for each of his wives. Saubhari Risi ordered Viswakarma to provide each building with elegant couches, and seats,and furniture. Further he ordered to attach to the palaces gardens and groves , with reservoirs of water, where the wild -duck and the swanshould sport amidst beds of lotus flowers. the divine artist Viswakarma obeyed Saubhari Risi command , and constructed splendid apatrments for the wives of the Rishi. In each palace by command of sage Saubhari, the inexhaustible and divine treasure called Nanda took up his permanent abode. There the princesses entertained all their guests and dependants with abundant food and pleasure of every description and of the choicest quality .

After some years had passed , king Mandhata yearned to visit his daughters. He felt anxious to know whether they were happily circumstanced .Therefore he set off to visit the hermitage of Saubhari Risi .When King Mandhata arrived he was amazed to see a row of beautiful crystal palaces , shining as brilliantly as the rays of the sun . He was surprised to se those lovely gardens and reservoirs of pellucid water. Mandhata entered in to one of these magnificent palaces and found his daughter and embraced them. he asked to each of them whether they were happy living with the sage and Saubhari treat them with tenderness or do they long to go back to their father’s palace. But to these questions each daughter of mandhata answered that they live a beautiful palace , wear costly ornaments and live luxuriously and happily . The only cause of anxiety of each daughter of mandhata is that the husband sage Saubhari is never absent from their dwelling , solely attached to each of them . each of the sisters thought that sage Saubhari is wholly devoted to her , and paid no attention to her sisters.

In every palace , mandhata heared the same story , from each of his daughters , in reply to his questions. With a heart overflowing with wonder and delight , Mandhata met the wise sage Saubhari risi , whom he found alone . after paying homage to Mandhata addressed the sage to be a holy person with amazing power which no other human being process. King Mandhata then resided with him for sometime , partaking of the pleasures of the place, and then returned to hi capital Ayodhya.

the Saubhari Risi expanded himself in to fifty forms and enjoyed with each wife simultaneously, producing one hundred sons each of them. in this way he had five thousand sons . Although Saubhari was enjoing family life like an ordinary man , he was always fixed in devotion to the lord . One day he retired from family life , and the princesses followed his footsteps and thus the all received liberation .